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Free HTML5 media player and content monetization solution to maximize your revenue and audience reach.

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Getting started has never been easier

Make it Simple

  • 1Upload your videos to the platform or just connect with your Youtube / Facebook / Instagram channel directly to MOW.
  • 2Get your codes and implement them on your site.
  • 3Start making money with your videos!

Monetize your Content

We help publishers generate extra revenue by distributing online advertising in their videos.

  • $ Sell your video ad space
    Place your own ads and generate revenue from your content.
  • $ MOW Marketplace
    You can enable Mow Marketplace ads and increase your profits!

Manage your content

Publish your videos directly to your Social Networks from MOW!

Add your videos from your Social Networks into MOW!

Video Article

Video Articles allows you to boost your video views along your website trough a native video capsule on every page.

  • Boost your video views
  • Optimize your video content along the time.
  • Increase your user engagement and overall sites page views.

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